About us

  First of all, Welcome to our website,
 PKENOS comes from the word "pequenos" in Portuguese that means little ones. 
 PKENOS and its main product, ProBathy, born from the need for a solution for bath time.
  I'm first-time mum and every time was bath time... Ho my God... What a mess, I would end up all wet, water on the floor... And being first time mum how scary it is to grab your newborn baby all wet and slippery?
  Well, I found a solution. I love sewing, so I sewed a bath towel for my baby that's also an apron to protect the parent. It was such a life saver that I had to share it with everyone. 
  Since then, no more wet clothes, no more mess, no more fears.
  I love it, my partner loves it, and I am sure you will love it too.